Saturday, March 5, 2011

Upright piano downstairs

Piano clock.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clock.

Has a different instrument representing every number.

It’s round, maybe glass.

Black and the silhouettes of the instruments are gold.

It hangs above my upright piano in the basement of my father's house.

The backdrop is wood paneling.

My father’s short-lived collection of beer steins sit on the very top tier of the piano.

One of them plays “Oh Mein Papa.”

An plastic yellowing bust of Beethoven sits on the tier to the right of the sheet music.

A shiny ceramic grey angel is blowing a kiss with one hand and covers its smooth crotch with the other hand.

A gold desk lamp.

A silk rose sits in a clear plastic treble clef vase on the left.

The one that replaced the simpler glass one.

A candle from Germany slouches backward just below and to the right of the rose.

A dancing devil surrounded by barrels of wine etched into the wax.

Two thrown and one coiled ceramic piece, all crudely made, sit thisclose together.

The dark copper color of the piano.

The stool pushed in.

Four pieces of linoleum cut to fit under the legs.


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