Sunday, March 6, 2011

Running towards and against time

A treadmill faces a daybed in the basement.

Right above the treadmill is a large framed print of a painting.

A mountain scene with trees and some deer drinking from a lake.

To the left of this picture is an antique looking clock.

It doesn’t work but I think that I remember a time when it did.

The clock has real or silk flowers embedded in it the silicone or resin base.

Rounded square edges.

Yellow or yellowed.

The hands of the clock are exposed.

A sort of dull gold.

Thin metal.

This clock is maybe five feet from a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Clock.

Maybe more like twenty.

Wood grain lines the walls between and around them.

In between the clocks hangs a large wooden shelving rack.

Ping pong paddles and balls rest at the top.

Pool cues flank.

Four coasters sit on a lower shelf.

Each have a realistic but paper butterfly under the glass.

A miniature boxing glove dangles nearby.

A small wooden sword that reads Defiende tu Cultura is below the glove.

A Puerto Rican flag is painted on this sword.

Defend your culture.

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